Vapour Flux (BL-5, FB402L)

Gas flux is a hard borer flux of flame, which is added into gas (acetylene, LPG and propane etc.) in the form of vapor. It can imporve the bore’s humidity, mobility and help avoid the holes of the needles to improve the intensity of welding seam. Washing is not needed.


Scope of application

FB401L : only suitable for manual brazing for air conditioners, refrigerators and other condensation equipments 
FB402L : suitable for manual brazing and automatic flame brazing for air conditioners, refrigerators and other condensatin equipments. 
FB403L : suitable for connection of our conditioner pipes, condensation equipments, evaporative containers, changeable valve automatic flame brazing and other pipe brazing. 
FB404L : suitable for the brazing of red copper pipes, iron pipes, compressor of air conditioners, refrigerators compressors, liquid storing devices, vapour-liquid separators, bicycles, wheelchairs, automobiles, etc.

Container capacity :

Eligibility capacity : 2L 4L 20L 200L

Technical data

TypetrimethylVolumeProportion (20ºC)Boiling pointSpontaneous combustion pointSteam proportionContent of boron
FB401L57%53%0.85552 ~ 56ºC464ºC1:67.78 ~ 5.12%
FB402L62%58%0.86352 ~ 56ºC464ºC1:65.78 ~ 6.12%
FB403L68%64%0.87752 ~ 56ºC464ºC1:66.75 ~ 7.10%
FB404L72%70%0.89152 ~ 56ºC464ºC1:67.70 ~ 7.85%

Not mark the product can press customer request to order the system

Characteristic :

Prevent oxidization        Assist solder flow      Savings in solder 
Increase the intensity of welding seams-cleaner braze joints
Improves brazing quality-lower rejects ratres